We are Donald Stanley

Founded by Louisa Harris in 2016, Donald Stanley is single handedly challenging the fashion industry and creating unique clothing made for EVERYONE

“It’s always been important to me to include and honour people of all shapes and sizes in my designs. It was never in my thought process to have a select range of sizes and therefore exclude a whole group of people.   

As someone who found it a struggle finding clothes that I wanted to wear and felt comfortable in, I knew when creating this brand that it had to cater for everyone. 

I'm tired of the lack of inclusion in the fashion industry so this is my approach to making a difference in a big space filled with such damaging shopping experiences for so many (hello vanity sizing).

We all need to wear clothes so why not feel great while doing so?

My mission: It's simple really, to make people smile and feel like they’re meant to be wearing that dress!

Mr Donald Stanley Harris. Louisa's dad, age 21 and fresh out of national service. Pictured in East London 1956.

"Size Inclusive Fashion because that's the way it should be"

Clothing created for everyone, not just the few!

Founder Louisa Harris launched Donald Stanley in 2016 because she was tired of seeing individuals having to compromise their fashion and style based on their size. That’s why for over 5 years Donald Stanley has one simple mission, to create beautiful, unique clothes for EVERYONE.

At Donald Stanley we're passionate about making sure that when you shop with us you enjoy the process every step of the way, knowing that you are buying from a brand who truly cares about you.

We pride ourselves not only on being a truly inclusive fashion brand, but also a brand who sources some of the finest and most unique fabrics in the UK, meaning that when you shop Donald Stanley you are supporting even more UK businesses.

Our priority is you, our customer, and that’s why we've developed a one of a kind approach to buying clothes online. When you shop with us you have access to our online style consultants, who will support you in finding the perfect item each and every time.

We regularly update our styles and launch new collections, giving you something new to chose from everytime you shop with us, and by inputting your personal measurements, you really are buying an item of clothing that is made to measure. 

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Our Latest Collection


Our story


Louisa started Donald Stanley (named after Louisa's father who has suffered with Alzheimer's since 2009) creating kimonos (now known as the mono!) in her apartment and selling them to friends, family and colleagues. 


Louisa creates an impressive network of fabric suppliers to source some of the most unique patterns and materials for Donald Stanley creations. 


Louisa added more designs to the collection available at Donald Stanley and word of this new INCLUSIVE brand starts spreading across the UK and overseas with sales coming in from all over the world. 


Louisa left her job in recruitment to commit to her dream of growing Donald Stanley and takes on her first ever workspace in Hertfordshire. 


The brand continues to grow and the studio has had to upsize 4 times in one year! There are now 9 team members who work tirelessly to challenge the face of fashion every single day. 


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