Here's How

Scroll through the below for a guide on how to measure yourself. Check out our tips & tricks section before submitting so you’ve got it all covered!


Measure the smallest part below your bust or chest


MEasure the circumference of the widest part around your hips & bum


Measure the fullest/widest part around your bust or chest

Waist to Hem

MEasure from the side of your waist & over the hip to where you would like your trouser or skirt to finish

Nape to hem

measure from the back of your lower neck to where you would like the garment to finish as shown here

Neck to waist

Measure from the back of your neck to your waist

Shoulder To Shoulder

measure from one shoulder to the other just as shown with the green arrow here

Upper Arm

MEasure the largest part of your upper arm


Measure from the top of your shoulder to your wrist as shown here


MEasure the whole way around your wrist as shown

Shoulder Circumference

this is all the way around your shoulders and back round to your chest

Waist to crotch

Measure from where your waistband would sit to under your crotch area. The easiest way to do this is to hold the tape measure between your legs and then measure up to your waist.

Tips and tricks to avoid mistakes

We would prefer all measurements to be in inches.

If possible, stand up straight and naturally with your arms down by your side.

Measure in front of a mirror while standing up straight so you can see your measurements without moving.

If you can’t do this, try to get someone else to measure you. Use a soft dress makers tape measure. A tool box tape measure or ruler doesn’t do the job well because it cannot curve to the shape of your body.

If you haven’t been prompted for particular measurements before checkout, it’s because we don’t need them – don’t panic!