All of our items are handmade in our Hertfordshire studio from an Eco Friendly building.

Our bespoke construction process means there’s no excess production.

We don’t have over complicated supply chains because we work in-house as a small team.

We support conscious purchases by making beautiful quality, life-time pieces.

FREE Fabric packs

Here at Donald Stanley we aim for minimal wastage and that’s why we ensure that with every garment we cut, we place the scraps straight into a fabric pack! These are great for making small items such as hair scrunchies or even using for creative projects! Just cover the cost of P&P and you’re in!

our sustainable design pledge

We’ve never been one to follow a trend so why start now? Fashion trends generate the ‘throw away’ attitude which therefore encourages consumers to build a huge wardrobe of items they never get to wear! At DS, with each design we create classic and timeless styles to last a lifetime. Our pieces are versatile so they can be worn day and night, giving you the opportunity to eliminate more purchases than necessary.

recyclable Packaging

Unfortunately, packaging is an unavoidable part of e-commerce. With this in mind we have invested in recyclable packaging helping save the use of raw materials, manufacturing energy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Our in-house production allows us to have full control over our supply chain process and of course eliminates bad labour conditions and underpaid staff. Our garments are made entirely to the customers sizing and height which means every item we make is made with a person in mind. We work from an eco building meaning that all of the energy we use up is renewed! The majority of the fabrics that we use for Ready To Post are ‘end of roll’ or ‘off cuts’ which means we make use of unused and otherwise discarded fabrics.